2023 RV Big Book

VENT COVERS Lets fresh air circulate while keeping the weather out! Aerodynamic design lets you keep the vents open even when it is raining. Includes installation hardware and a rubber roof vent kit, which means there is no need to remove existing vent mounting screws or drill holes. 22-0223 67310 Vent Cover, White 22-0224 67313 Vent Cover, Black • Easy pull strap • Improves A/C efficiency • Keeps heat inside during winter and keeps heat and sun out during the summer • Easily removable cover for easy cleaning 01-0646 67304 Vent Insulator With Pull Strap VENT INSULATOR Fits standard 14” x 14” vent openings • For a perfect air conditioner installation • Corners are pre-sealed for water tight integrity Air Conditioner Gasket 08-0060 62901 A/C Seal 14” x 14” Gasket Kits for Coleman A/Cs 08-0062 65526 A/C Gasket Kit 14” x 14” 08-0063 65527 A/C Gasket Kit 14” x 16” AIR CONDITIONER GASKETS 08-0060 08-0062 08-0063 FAN BLADES Impact resistant, plastic 6” white fan blades fit 12V powered roof vents and range hoods. Direction of spin is determined by looking down through the motor at the top of blade. CW=clockwise; CCW=counter clockwise. 22-0343 65483 Ventline 1/8” Round-Bore, CCW 47-0002 65484 V entline & Jensen 1/8” D-bore, CW 47-0003 65485 Ventline & Jensen 1/8” D-bore, CCW 47-0004 65491 Ventline 3/32” Round-bore, CCW RUBBER ROOF VENT MOUNTING KIT For installing vent covers without removing existing, sealed, vent mounting screws. 13-0635 65213 Rubber Roof Vent Mounting Kit HARDWARE Fan Blades, Vent Covers/Insulators, AC Gaskets 06-14 2023