2023 RV Big Book

RV Vent Shade • Fits most standard 14" x 14" roof vents • Mylar Backed Shade Blocks Most Light From Crank Vents • Simply Installs Over Current Trim With Existing Screws • Conforms To Curved Ceilings Without Modification • Shade Can Be Replaced • Reduces Heat • Easily Retracted To Allow Natural Light In See us for details! 22-0590 015-201612 RV Vent Shade White 23-4782 HG-LR-W-CW-AFT White Trim Bezel/Cool White Lighting 23-4783 HG-LR-W-WW-AFT White Trim Bezel/Warm White Lighting 23-4780 HG-LR-C-CW-AFT Clear Trim Bezel/Cool White Lighting 23-4781 HG-LR-C-WW-AFT Clear Trim Bezel/Warm White Lighting UV stabilized vent covers have 30% more open vent area than other brands. Swing-open design. Includes mounting hardware. Fits 14” x 14” vents. 22.5”L x 20”W x 9”H. 22-0375 40421 White 22-0261 40711 Black One side is reflective, the other side is insulated. Reflects sunlight which increases energy efficiency. 14” W x 14” L x 3” D. 62-2600 A10-1603 Vent Insulator Its super thin design (.5” thick) is easy to install with the existing screws from any RV roof vent garnish it has 720 Lumens. Comes in 2 styles, cool or warm white light, clear or frosted trim bezel to match any decor or lighting preference. Leave your vent open rain or shine. UV stabilized vents have removable louvers. Fits 14”x14” vents. 22-0376 40431 White 22-0257 40443 Black 22-0258 40453 Smoke 01-1017 12009 Vent Insulator VENT COVERS VENT INSULATOR RV ROOF VENT COVERS VENT INSULATOR THE RV CHANDELIER VENT INSTALLATION KIT 13-0910 04162 Standard (putty tape), pkg. 13-0911 04182 Deluxe (butyl tape), pkg. Used for installing roof vents, side mount vents, plumbing stacks, or refrigerator vents. Used on aluminum roof installations and repairs. Comes complete with 36 screws & 8’ of butyl tape Vent insulator gives your RV extra insulation to keep the heat out in the summer and keep it in during the winter. 62-2599 A10-1602 16”x16” VENT SHADE Two-sided reflective surface with 8 hook and loop mounting tape pieces. HARDWARE Vent Shades, Covers and Insulators 06-13 2023