2023 RV Big Book

Products 2023 See page 01-14 for more information. See page 01-15 for more information. See page 24-31 for more information. See page 13-07 For more information. 00-4075 BCD-455WTE-B-04H 16.2 cu ft 12V Refrigerator Stainless Steel, French Door French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator 09-0773 3200 14K Hitch 39-2379 GMFW8PACK 8/pk ISR Series SuperGlide Elide Fire® Extinguishing Ball Firewood Logs & Starter 04-1050 ELB1 6”, Red, Boxed 04-1055 ELY6 6”, Red, Blister Pack 04-1054 ELY4 4”, Red, Blister Pack 04-1053 ELYB4 4”. Blue, Blister Pack Self-activating fire extinguisher ball that may be mounted in areas of concern where a possible fire can occur. Weather in a fixed position providing 24/7 coverage or used manually the patented elide fire extinguishing ball allows any user to mitigate a fire. Fire Type Rating: A/B/C Logs are made entirely of aromatic sawdust, shavings and wood chips, compressed and extruded into a convenient size. They are easy to start, burn efficiently, and won’t spit of spark. A natural alternative to pre-packaged manufactured logs, Green Mountain logs are the cleanest, most efficient, and advanced firewood on earth. The newest, largest 12 Volt fridge from the original innovators of the 12 Volt. 30 Inch wide with French doors and stainless steel finish. PullRite now offers two super short bed solutions for fifth wheel towing with a 5-1/2’ truck bed! #3100 Mounting Brackets are custom to each truck model, install quickly, and leave a clean bed when removed — no tools required! The NEW #3200 SuperGlide attaches to any industry standard rail system. 00-13