2023 RV Big Book

Products 2023 See page 13-07 for more information. See page 01-09 for more information. See page 16-12 for more information. See page 01-27 for more information. Stove Top Protectors Door Mat Crossover Series Double Firebox Protective liners that perfectly fits variety of range or cooktops in RVs and boats. It will protect cook tops from those drips, spills and splatters that you inevitably get while cooking. No more endlessly scrubbing to clean up after cooking. Shrink resistant rugs allows you to wash and dry while maintaining an attractive space. Available in six different styles. 09-7135 455824 Dogs Welcome 07-6645 SWRV300 Fits Atwood/Dometic 07-6647 SWRV600 Fits Magic Chef 07-6644 SWMP200K Universal Fit 07-6646 SWRV400 Fits Suburban 00-12 9” Foldable Step Stool 19-7067 SS9 17-2158 CO10-102 Step stand features slip resistant rubber tread on steps and rubber leg tips for stability. Stainless steel construction is durable and long lasting in the harshest conditions. Pair with any crossover accessory top to build your portable, modular cooking system. Features 15,000 BTU burner with built-in altitude adjustment that keeps the burner flame intense when in higher altitudes.