2023 RV Big Book

Products 2023 See page 05-03 for more information. See page 05-25 for more information. See page 13-27 for more information. See page 06-50-51 for more information. Low Profile Dual Propane / CO Alarms LP Gas Accessories Mud Dauber Screens Universal Replacement Replaces All Brands/Models of LP Gas Detectors and Dual CO/LP Gas Alarms. The manufacturing leader of RV cooking and heating appliances now has a complete line LP gas regulators, hoses and brass fittings. Regulators include automatic changeover and two-stage and high pressure models. Pigtails range from 12”-15’ and high pressure hoses up to 144”. Suburban’s LP gas lineup also includes brass fittings to ensure proper connections. • Detects both gas leaks and CO gas simultaneously • New Low Profile with Slim design • 12 Volt power means no missing or dead batteries to replace • Built for the extremen RV environment 06-8404 LP-R524V Two-Stage, Vertical Vent 06-8420 LP-R756HP Single Stage, High Pressure 06-6551 85-741-WT-TR 06-6580 85-741-BL-TR 00-10 Handheld Vacuum 06-8050 VS 212 04-8291 06-30175 6” x 8.5” x 1.3” Screen Keep your RV clean of debris with the handheld vacuumwith LED indicator and Eco and Boost mode. Vacuum features tripled filtration to keep your RV clean and allergen free. 12V/DC power and detachable battery pack. • Fits Atwood 6 & 10 Gallon and Suburban 6 Gallon water heater vents • Keeps out nesting insects, birds, and rodents with minimal airflow restriction • Easy to install, includes tool • Heavy-duty stainless steel mesh cover