2023 RV Big Book

Products 2023 See page 13-26 for more information. See page 13-08 for more information. See page 10-11 for more information. See page 10-16 For more information. 06-9115 83306 Battery Manager Easy to read, easy to operate colour touch screen with integrated Bluetooth®. Features over-the-air firmware updates for continued product support and improvements. Battery monitor function uses precision current measurement and real-time tracking to show essential battery stats. 06-9117 83294 02-9355 R-1088-12V 10.7 Cu.Ft. OVERLANDER 200WATT Dishwasher RapidCold™ 12-Volt Frost Free Refrigerator • Fast battery charging with our largest, most popular single-panel kit • 200 watt, 9.6 amps solar module • RapidCold™Ultra Fast – Energy Efficient Compressor System • Frost-Free (you do not need to manually defrost the unit, saving time and effort) • Installation mounting bracket is included with the unit, in the box (others sell separately) Dishes are no longer a chore with a compact built-in dishwasher in your RV. Dishwasher features a front control panel with digital display. Settings include rinse-aid indicators and delayed start. Dimensions: 32.2 x 17.6 x 22.4 H x W x D (inches) What makes this product special and different from the market: 06-8090 WB 1840 White 06-8069 SB 1840 Silver 06-8092 BB 1840 Black 00-09