2023 RV Big Book

Products 2023 See page 10-16 for more information. See page 10-15 for more information. See page 10-12 for more information. See page 10-10 for more information. 06-9120 83316 200Watts Eclipse MPPT SOLAR SERIES 06-9120 83316 600W (3x 200W) - 28.8AMPS 06-9116 83156 SOLAR EXTREME COMPLETE SYSTEM Sun Cycle® Advanced 12V 100Ah LithiumBattery 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter charger (with built-in 125 amp battery charger and 50 amp transfer switch) Now 200 Watts 10 & 30 AMP SINGLE-BANK SOLAR CONTROLLERS Pulse width modulated (PWM) solar charging. Prevent battery overcharging with the new 12 volt flush-mounted, single-bank solar charge controllers rated for up to 10 and 30-amps. Included in most solar kits and complete systems. 5-year warranty. Adds enhanced safety and communication features to our flagship lithium battery line. This lightweight, Bluetooth®-enabled LiFePo4 battery has an advanced BMS, temperature management system, a built-in DC heater, and auto-cell balancing for larger battery banks. • Rigid black-framed 200 watt, 9.6 amp solar module • Panel dimensions: 59.1 x 26.3 x 1.57 in • 25-year power output panel warranty 06-9111 82855 30 Amp 06-911 83133 10 Amp 00-04