2023 RV Big Book

Products 2023 See page 24-76 for more information. See page 17-09 for more information. See page 17-05 for more information. See page 17-20 for more information. 71-8404 CC-300 Accessory Hitch ADJUSTABLE ACCESSORY HITCH 2” hitch for Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels. Bolts on as Class I or welds on as Class II hitch to frame. Can mount to side wall of frame or horizontal wall of “C” channel or “I” beamwith angled hardware. 05-5214 944H 04-0822 18088 CARGO HELPER TAILGATE EXTENDER Mega-Duty Hitch HITCH-MOUNTED BIKE RACKS • Adjustable rack adds support for oversized cargo such as building materials, supplies and recreational equipment up to 350 lbs. • Can be attached horizontally to extend the length of the tailgate, or vertically for bedrail or rooftop support • Can tow any bumper trailer on the market • Options available for up to 32,000 towing capacity and 3,500 lb. tongue weight • Compatible with Pintle Ring Trailers • Fabricated with Heavy-Duty Steel • Engineered for bike security and long-lasting resistance to the elements • 18088 offers padded arms and tray-style cradles all in a lightweight aluminum design 00-03