2023 RV Big Book

ACCESSORIES 02-07 2023 PVC Anti-Fatigue digitally printed kitchen mats. A comfortable way to dress up your kitchen. Soothing relief to feet and back. Non-slip backing and stain resistant top. 18” x 30” 03-5411 STRB-14729-20 Nutz About Camping Mat 03-5410 STRB-14846-20 Camping Rules Mat 03-5412 CAMP-15340-20Life’s Better When You’re Camping 03-5413 CAMP-15341-20 Life Is Better When You Are Camping KITCHEN ANTI-FATIGUE MATS Clinically tested and fully automatic. Large easy to read digital LCD screen. Displays month, dated and time. 82-0123 JB7423CS Monitor BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR PILL ORGANIZER SHELF HOG Seven individual, removable pill organizers each with four divided compartments. Double lock compartment closures ensure pills stay put. Portable color coded pods. 82-0083 RET6548 Pill Organizer Refrigerator or cabinet content brace. Set of 2. 03-0801 004-514 Shelf Hog, 2 pk. The Grip Premium liners work as a barrier in drawers or on shelves, to keep utensils and dishes neat and secure. 03-5421 04F-CZ6U51-06 Zip-N-Fit™ Shelf Liner, Black, 18” x 4’ 03-5425 04F-C6L51-06 Drawer Liner, Black, 12” x 4’ 03-5424 04F-C6L52-06 Drawer Liner, White, 12” x 4’ SHELF AND DRAWER LINER ADJUSTABLE CUP HOLDERS BATTERY ORGANIZER Stores and organizes batteries. 82+ battery capacity. Battery testing meter indicates remaining battery power. Batteries not included. 11.5” L x 6” W x 1.5” H. 62-2629 WKT4162 Battery Organizer Easy mounting, adjustable arms hold up to 32 oz. cup or beverage. Folds out of the way when not in use. Perfect for RVs, boats and cars. 03-0658 45619 Black 03-0666 45622 Gray 03-0667 45623 Tan 03-0668 45624 White SILENT STOVETOP COVER Universal fit; 19-1/2” x 17” x 3/4”; natural bamboo, silences stove rattles. 07-0317 43521 Bamboo Mats, Organizers, Drawer Liners, Stovetop Cover