2023 RV Big Book

The Smart Choice For Fresh Air Fans! Closed Open MAXXFAN Dome Plus Interior with LED lighting MAXXFAN Dome Interior LED lighting MAXXFAN DOME EXHAUST FANS Round, 200 cfm exhaust-only fan for short-term humidity and odor removal. Install on rooftop or sidewall with thicknesses between 1”– 6”. Single-hand pull-open/push-close with cover lock/release button. 1-year Limited Warranty MAXXFAN DOME 14-9983 00-03812W White Lid, Matching Fan Guard Included 14-9984 00-03812B Black Lid, Matching Fan Guard Included MAXXFAN DOME Plus With Interior LED Lighting 14-9981 00-03810W White Lid, LED Light, Matching Fan Guard Included 14-9982 00-03810B Black Lid, LED Light, Matching Fan Guard Included FAN GUARDS MUST BE USED FOR SIDEWALL INSTALLATION.The fan guard acts as a rain shield and protects your interior from weather and debris. Additionally, the fan guard provides protection from accidental contact with the fan blades. MAXXFAN LP (Low Profile) Exhaust-only, 900 cfm 4-speed fan. Interior controls on unit. Includes removable vent screens and mounting tabs for adding a FANMATE Vent Cover Accessory. Install on rooftop with thicknesses between 1”– 6”. 2.85” high. 1-year Limited Warranty. 22-0591 00-04301M White Lid 22-0592 00-04401M Black Lid MAXXFAN MINI Plus Exhaust-only, single-speed 200 cfm fan. Low-profile. Manual open/close. Features built-in rain shield and LED light. Installs in 14”x14” opening fitting roofs 1”- 4.5” thick. 1-year Limited Warranty. 22-0581 00-03801 White Lid + LED Lighting 22-0583 00-03851 Black Lid + LED Lighting HARDWARE Exhaust Fans and Mini Exhaust Fans 06-03 2023