2023 RV Big Book

GAS APPLIANCES MUST BE INSTALLED BY A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN SUBURBAN LP GAS ACCESSORIES Excess Flow POL Adapter T Connection Z Wall Mounting Bracket 1/4” Inverted Flare x 1/4” Inverted Flare x 1/4” MPT. Used for two cylinder applications. For use with Two-Stage or Automatic Changeover Regulators. Mounting screws included. For use with Two-Stage Regulators. Closing flow rate of 404sdh of LPG at 100 PSI. 06-8428 LP-PT12F 12” PIGTAIL 06-8407 LP-PT15F 15” PIGTAIL 06-8437 LP-PT20F 20” PIGTAIL 06-8429 LP-PT24F 24” PIGTAIL 06-8425 LP-BPOL POL x 1/4” MPT 06-8397 LP-BTCON 06-8422 LP-BZMB 06-8399 LP-PT15M 15” PIGTAIL 06-8434 LP-PT20M 20” PIGTAIL 06-8426 LP-PT72HP 72” PIGTAIL 06-8432 LP-PT144HP 144” PIGTAIL HOSES & PIGTAILS BRASS FITTINGS & ACCESSORIES Pigtails are used with Double Stage Automatic Changeover Regulators for two cylinder systems or Standard Two Stage Regulators with “T” check connections Safety Features: Excess Flow Device: Limits gas flow in the event of hose rupture or accidental disconnection Thermofuse: A heat sensitive plug which shuts off gas flow if temperature reaches above 240°F. RV Type 1 ACME Nut Pigtail 1/4” I.D. Hose Type 1 ACME Nut x 1/4” Inverted Flare RV Type 1 ACME Nut Pigtail 1/4” I.D. Hose Type 1 ACME Nut x 1/4” MPT RV High Pressure Hoses 1/4” I.D. Hose 3/8” FPT x 3/8” Female Flare Swivel LP GAS Hoses, Pigtails, Brass Fittings, & Accessories 2023 05-26