2023 RV Big Book

Female Q/D Hose & Regulator is used to transform a low pressure appliance inlet into a quick connect inlet making connecting & transporting the appliance quick and easy. Connects to a 20# cylinder directly or a 5# cylinder with the use of a Sturgi-Safe Steak Saver. Male QD Plug Sold Separately. The POL Pigtail is used to connect a regulator to an LP cylinder when a high volume of gas is needed or to connect a Sturgi-Stay to an auxiliary LP cylinder. The POL tank connection allows a higher ow rate in order to provide gas input over 190 SCFH (450,000 BTU’s). POL x 1/4”Male Inv. Fl Connects a small propane appliance to a bulk adapter or a propane tree, eliminating the need for a 1# replacement bottle allowing longer use of the camping appliance. 1/4” I.D. High Pressure Hose with a male #600 x female #600 swivel. The High Flow (190 SCFH) Type 1 Bulk Adapter Hose is used to connect portable camping appliances such as a grill, heater or lantern to a re llable 20# LP cylinder. Replaces a 1# disposable cylinder. Type 1 x 1/4”MPT TYPE 1 PIGTAILS The Sturgi-Safe Type 1 Pigtail has the highest ow rate of any Green Type 1 on the market. This pigtail will not go into bypass (excess ow mode) until it reaches 190 SCFH allowing the regulator to reach its maximum capacity. Also includes a 270 F thermal shuto device and a back check to ensure the system does not allow a back ow of gas. Type 1 x 1/4”Male Inv. Flare POL PIGTAILS High or low pressure LP hoses used on RV’s or Motorhomes to connect a two stage regulator to the permanent gas piping system. 3/8”MNPT x 1/2” Female Flare TRUNK HOSES PROPANE ADAPTER HOSES The Handwheel POL Adapter Hose is used to connect high volume camping appliances like a BBQ grill or heater to a re llable propane cylinder to allow for longer periods of use. Replaces a 1# disposable cylinder. Type 1 x #600 Male #600 Female x #600 Male POL x #600 Male Sturgi-Stays & Regulators By M.B. Sturgis Inc. M.B. Sturgis Inc. M.B. Sturgis has been the leading supplier of Quality Made LP Hoses, Pigtails, Quick Disconnects and Tank Fittings to the RV OEM’s for over 25 years. All of our prodPigtails & LP Hoses Quick Disconnects Proudly Assembled, Tested & Quality LP Products at a Superior Price The Female Inverted Flare Inlet Fitting adapts the regulator inlet from a 1/4” FNPT to a 1/4” Female Inverted Flare fitting to allow connection with a 1/4” Male Inv. Flare Pigtail. Available with or without a back check. 06-1441 204120 Back Check Inlet Fitting 06-1452 402258 Inlet Fitting without Back Check INLET FITTING HIGH CAPACITY TWO-STAGE REGULATOR Two Stage Regulator. 1/4” FPT Inlet x 3/8” FPT Outlet. Available in Horizontal (6:00) Vent or Vertical (9:00) Vent. Includes (2) Z-Brackets & Screws. Certied to UL144 for the U.S. & Canada. 450,000 BTU’s P/H Output. 15-4142 108224 11” W.C. (9:00) V nt 15-4143 108231 11” W.C. (6:00) Vent TYPE 1 TANK CONNECTORS Type 1 ACME Tank Connector X 1/4” MPT is used to connect an outside threaded LP cyinder to a high or low pressure appliances such as portable BBQ grills, camping stoves, and turkey fryers. Features a thermal shut-off and excess flow device. Available in two flow rates. 100 SCFH (Black) for small demand appliances or 200 SCFH (Green) for high demand appliances. 06-1438 204024 Black, 1/4” MPT 06-0665 204052 Green, 1/4” MPT 30 PSI HIGH PRESSURE REGULATOR 30 PSI High Pressure Regulator commonly used on 5th Wheel Trailers to connect to the auxiliary cylinder crossover hose to push the gas across the unit to the primary Auto Changeover Regulator. 06-1435 108072-MBS High Pressure REGULATORS HIGH PRESSURE PROPANE HOSES General purpose high pressure LP/NG hose assemblies used for connecting appliances to a high or low pressure gas supply. Also commonly used to connect kitchen slideouts to the main piping system on an RV. All hoses are certified to UL569 & CSA 8.3. 1/4” ID High Pressure Hose Assembly with 1/4” MPT x 3/8” Female Flare. 06-1378 100038-60 60“ The Type 1 Installation Adapters are used to connect a standard Type 1/QCC1 tank connection to various other propane inlets. Choose from the Steak Saver for 1# bottle connection, the POL Adapter to adapt from an internal thread tank valve to a QCC1 or the Pipe Thread adapter for hose ends or other miscellaneous options. 06-1442 204129 Male x 1/4” MPT 06-1451 402152 Male x M. POL 06-1443 204132 Male x #600 Female TYPE 1 ADAPTERS 06-1434 106076-72 11” W.C. Hose x (f) QD. 72” 06-1449 401132 Model 250 QD Plug x ¼” MPT QUICK DISCONNECT HOSE & REGULATOR POL TANK CONNECTOR POL Tank Connector is used to connect a two stage regulator to an ASME horizontal propane cylinder commonly found on Class A and C motorhomes. POL x 1/4” MPT. Comes with or without an excess flow device. 06-1439 204037 Full Flow 06-1440 204051 Excess Flow 11” W.C. LOW PRESSURE REGULATOR Pounds to Inches Single Stage Regulator is used to reduce tank pressure to 11” W.C. in order to connect a low pressure gas appliance to the propane cylinder. 175,000 BTU’s per hour. 06-0000 108002 Low Pressure HOSE & REGULATO ASSEMBLY Replacement Hose and Regulator assembly reduces tank pressure to 11” W.C. pressure needed to fuel BBQ Grills or other low pressure gas appliances. Type 1 x 3/8” (F) Flare Swivel. 06-1432 106044-22 11” W.C., LP, 22” 06-1433 106044-72 11” W.C., LP, 72” MANIFOLD BLOCKS Replaces damanged manifold blocks on plastic hose RV Piping Systems. 3/8” FPT Inlet & Outlet Ports, 1/4” Side Ports. CSA Approved to UL 407. 250 PSI W.P. 15-2095 402313 3-Port Manifold 15-2096 402314 4-Port Manifold 15-2097 402315 5-Port Manifold 15-2098 402316 6-Port Manifold (Not Shown) ¼” MPT Adapter Retro Q Adapter Steak Saver 1/4” ID High Pressure Hose Assembly. 3/8” Female Flare on each end. 06-1382 100041-36 36“ 06-1383 100041-60 60” 1/2” ID High Pressure Thermo Rubber Hose Assembly. 1/2” Female Flares on each end. 15-2093 100251-48 48” 15-2094 100251-72 72” 15-2091 100251-120 120” 15-2092 100251-240 240” 3/8” ID High Pressure Hose Assembly. 3/8” MPT x 3/8” Female Flare. 06-1380 100040-48 48” 06-1381 100040-72 72” 06-1379 100040-144 144” 5-Port 3-Port 4-Port LP GAS LP Hoses, Adapters, Regulators 05-18 2023