2023 RV Big Book

Automatically opens with pump pressure providing maximum product flow rates. Once flow ceases, both upper and lower check mechanisms close to prevent product loss from the container. The lower check serves as a secondary seat to limit product loss in the event that the primary upper seat fails to operate properly due to damage. Made In the USA! Made In the USA! Made In the USA! The MER14TCQD series quick disconnect high pressure hose will allow for hook up to a quick disconnect valve on a appliance to a LP gas cylinder. For use with low pressure gas appliances; includes hose of desired length with shut off valve. QD 1/4” FNPT with cap and 1/4” MNPT connections 06-0081 06-0082 Hook-up and disconnect to your low pressure LP system with ease! Designed to check for gas leaks by verifying the line of pressure of an appliance. Each kit includes a case, gauge and rubber hose with a rubber boot connection. 0-35” WC capacity. Replacement 10% bleeder valve for tanks with separate 10% bleeder valve. Designed to provide a safe, permanent outlet when installed into the household LP-Gas system. This permanent outlet eliminates the need for smaller containers when operating outdoor LP-Gas equipment. It is recommended that a shutoff valve be installed upstream from the adapter inlet to facilitate future servicing. Note: To use the female POL on theME393 series, simply remove the internal gasket. The gasket must be in place to use the Type I (QCC) connection. *Can be usedwith both Type I (QCC) andmale POL connections *ME398 andME399 include an internal shutoff valve which provides a leak freemeans for outdoor equipment to be safely connected and disconnectedwithout shutting down the entire system 1”-20 Female x 1/4” MPT - BRASS MEC tee checks are designed to connect two cylinders. The check keeps the two tanks equalized and allows each tank to be changed without disrupting the flow of propane to appliances. 1/4” Inverted Flare with check. 1”-20 Female Inlet. Female POL Outlet - BRASS 1/4” Inverted Flare x 1/4” MNPT Single Piece Adapter 06-0884 The serviceman’s friend eliminates the hassle of carrying numerous bushing and fittings to each job site. It has three threads on one end with a hose barb and an 1/8” MNPT on the other end. A hose can easily be attached to either end and can be connected to a manometer or other flow meters to check line pressure on an appliance. Thread sizes: A side = 5/16” -32 Male / 1/8” MNPT / 1/2” MNPT B side = 1/8” MNPT / Standard test hose size 1-5/16” male ACME x female POL x 1” -20 female fitting. Camping fitting 1”-20 Male x 1/4” FNPT - BRASS Forged brass, swivel flare nut unions. SWIVEL NUT FLARE CONNECTORS BARBED FITTING 1/4” hose barb x 1/4” MPT. 06-0217 MER14TCQD-144 144” HOSE 06-3880 MER14TCQD-144P 144” HOSE 06-0218 MER14TCQD-72 72” HOSE 06-3900 MER14TCQD-72P 72” HOSE HP hose 1/4” ID, QD Male Nipple x 3/8”FFS 06-0674 MER14TCMQD6FS-144 144” 06-0671 MER14TCMQD6FS-72 72” 06-0670 ME-KIT-1 RV TEST KIT 06-0406 ME50P-2 TEST KIT, NON-ADJ. 06-0296 ME50-H REPL. HOSE AND TIP 06-0081 ME-GMC-4 1/4” QUICK DISCONNECT END 06-0082 ME-GMC-6 3/8” QUICK DISCONNECT END 06-0884 ME-GMCL-4 1/4” QUICK DISCONNECT BALL VALVE END 06-0656 MEJ400 10%BLEEDER VALVE 06-0294 METL051 FRIEND TOOL 06-0574 ME601-6 TANK VALVE 06-0424 ME480P ADAPTER -1/CD. 06-0219 ME492 FITTING, BULK 06-0423 ME492P FITTING, 1/CD 06-0621 ME4232 06-0288 ME398P INSTALLATION ADPT. 06-0427 ME488 FITTING, BULK 06-0428 ME488P FITTING, 1/CD 06-0657 ME1700A FITTING, BULK 06-0231 ME487P FITTING, 1/CD 06-0199 568-110-01 POL O-RING 06-0247 ME2132 FITTING, BULK 06-0640 MEUS46 3/8” SWIVEL UNION 06-0629 MEUS48 1/2” SWIVEL UNION Hoses, Adapters LP GAS Hoses, Adapters 05-13 2023