2023 RV Big Book

ALL WEATHER RV TIRE COVERS White cotton lined vinyl RV wheel cover. Waterproof, provides UV protection and protects against all weather conditions. Elastic cord included to securely fasten wheel covers. 62-2590 A10-1200 26”L x 24”W x 10”D 62-2591 A10-1201 29”L x 25”W x 11”D 62-2592 A10-1202 32”L x 27”W x 12"D 62-2593 A10-1203 35”L x 29”W x 13”D RV DOOR WINDOW COVER Two-sided reflective surface, reflects sunlight, increases energy efficiency and protects interior from fading. 8 pieces of hook-and-loop tape with adhesive backing included. 16-1/4” x 25-1/4”. 62-2597 A10-1600 Door Window Cover RV DOOR COVER PROPANE TANK COVER 62-2598 A10-1601 Door Cover Two-sided reflective surface, reflects sunlight, increases energy efficiency and protects interior from fading. 12 pieces of hook-andloop tape with adhesive backing included. 62” X 30”. FIFTH WHEEL HITCH COVER Protects fifth wheel hitches from dirt, weather and debris. Features an elasticized hem for a tight fit. 14-0741 80-116-010401-00 Fifth Wheel Hitch Cover Streamline the look of your trailer with a molded Propane Tank Cover. Fits 20lb and 30lb LPG tanks. Constructed of durable, high molecular weight polyethylene with a special ultraviolet inhibitor to protect against the elements. The deluxe model features a door to provide quick, easy access to the on/off handles and regulator. 31” x 13” x 25” 06-0644 00385 Standard, Polar White 06-0110 00386 Deluxe, Polar White 71-5788 12867 Delux, Black TOY HAULER CUSTOM FIT TRAILER TAILGATE SCREEN 01-3780 79984 Up to 90-1/2” Height, Compatible with Fiberglass or Aluminum Frames 01-3781 79994 Up to 90-1/2" Height, Compatible with Steel Frames COVERS DASHMATS® • RV SEATGLOVE® SEAT COVERS 1 YEAR WARRANTY 1 RV SEATGLOVE - SOLD IN SINGLES PART # MFG. # COLOR 46-0038 SVR1001BK BLACK/GRAY 46-0045 SVR1001GY GRAY/GRAY 46-0041 SVR1001TN TAN/TAN - GY - Gray - TN - Tan - BK - Black RV SEATGLOVE® • Universal seat cover fits 29.5”H x 23”Wx 20”D • Warp Knit D3 spacer fabric base provides extra cushion for breathability, insulation, compression resistance and durability • The form-fitting stretch border has the look and feel of neoprene, but is breathable • Armrest covers included • Two adjustable straps on backside by Ltd.Edition ® R ® CUSTOM-FIT DASHMATS® • Custom fit to the vehicle’s dash • Helps reduce hazardous windshield glare • Helps stop dashboard cracks and warping • Available in 6 material types and multiple colors THOUSANDS OF APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE! DashMat® Covers, RV SeatGloves®, Accessories 04-26 2023