2023 RV Big Book

Rafters &Awning SupportTM Quality • Value • Performance • Style Eliminates the need to re-tension the rafter when you raise your awning!  The same features as the Rafter 6, plus Gas Shock Assist  Rafter 7 and Ground Support work together to keep your roller straight and prevent sagging.  Rafter and support sold separately. Finish/Casting Color Part # Rafter 7–Black/Black Castings 72-4453 Rafter 7–White/White Castings 01-0982 Rafter 7–Satin/Black Castings 01-0980 Ground Support Add-On/Black 72-4451 Ground Support Add-On/White 01-1000 Ground Support Add-On/Satin 01-0998 Rafter 7TM with Gas Shock Assist Automatic Awning Support PLUS Ground Support  The same benefits as the Rafter 6 plus these additional advantages:  The Ground Support feature prevents the roller from sagging while extended.  Rafter and Ground Support work in combination to keep your roller straight. Rafter 6 GSTM with Automatic Awning Support Finish/ Casting Color Part # Black/Black Castings 72-4455 White/White Castings 01-0978 Satin/Black Castings 01-0983 Easy & convenient. Works on all brands.  Tightens your awning while camping.  Supports the awning roller while traveling.  Make the canopy as tight as you want.  Stores on or inside your RV. Finish/Casting Color Part # Rafter 6–Black/Black Castings 72-4454 Rafter 6–White/White Castings 01-0977 Rafter 6–Satin/Black Castings 01-0975 Ground Support Add-On–Black 72-4452 Ground Support Add-On–White 01-0979 Ground Support Add-On–Satin 01-0999 Center RafterTM Supports and stabilizes your box awning  Aluminum construction with tension knob.  No flip locks, easy to use.  Works with Carefree and most brands of box awnings. Item/Finish Part# Center Rafter (Satin) 01-0990 Automatic Awning SupportTM  Receives and supports the roller when the awning is rolled up.  Eliminates sag.  Unroll the awning and the cradle releases the roller and pivots open.  When open, it’s always ready to accept the roller again. Color Part # Black 01-0986 Polar White 01-0987 Works automatically with all awning brands! Rafter 6TM with Automatic Awning Support SUN & SHADE Rafters & Awning Supports 03-10 2023