2023 RV Big Book

Carpet Shield® Self-adhesive Film Carpet Shield is a clear, self-adhering protective film for all types of carpeting. Carpet Shield’s non-slip surface is a special blend of polyethylene which is highly resistant to tears or punctures. This product is ideal during remodeling, painting and moving. It also minimizes clean-up time and damage claims. Carpet Shield is available in a variety of sizes. 04-0000 022-CS2130W 21” x 30’ Counter/Shelf Display – 12 Pack 04-0417 022-CS18200 18" x 200' Reverse Wound 04-0376 022-CS21200 21" x 200' Reverse Wound 04-0377 022-CS211000 21" x 1000' Reverse Wound 04-0397 022-CS24200L 24" x 200' Reverse Wound 04-6512 022-CS241000 24" x 1000' Reverse Wound 04-0398 022-CSS211000RV 21” x 1000’ RV Carpet Shield, reverse wound Double Polish Protection Film Double Polish is a clear 8 mil PVC film that is both strong and durable. Designed to provide long-term carpet protection during transportation, storage or display of RV’s and manufactured homes. 04-0400 022-DPC35150 35" x 150' Clear Film Multi Surface Protection Film Multi-surface Protection Film is a durable, self-adhering protective film for hard surfaces such as tile, marble, granite, vinyl, VCT, laminates and factory finished hardwood. It’s not only great for floor protection, but it can be used to prevent damage to most counter tops, tubs, sinks, doors and more! Multi-surface Protection Film is ideal for remodeling, painting, moving, model home tours and parties. It is a true multi-purpose product! 04-0385 022-FS24200L 24" x 200' Reverse Wound Green 04-0401 022-FS24500 24" x 500' Reverse Wound Green Surface Shields® Shoe Covers Dirt and Scuff Protection Protect flooring and footwear with Surface Shields brand shoe covers. These shoe covers provide protection at most jobsites. Cloth are perfect to protect flooring from dirt, scuffs and skids. The polyethylene coated shoe covers are skid resistant and waterproof. 04-0403 022-SC3001PB Cloth Covers - 10 Pair Retail Pk. Blue Scrim Shield™ • Bottom board repair tape • Permanent and waterproof • Woven polyethylene fabric, solid-coated with adhesive • Can be applied in below freezing conditions • Use for repairing or seaming bottom board, tarps 13-1610 022-BP4180 4in x 60yds (101mm x 54.8m) Black 13-1807 022-BP6180 6in x 60yds (152mm x 54.8m) Black 13-2600 022-BP2825 04-0408 022-BB1470 28in x 25ft (711mm x 7.62m) 14ft. x 70ft. (non-adhesive) Black Black Painter's Grade Blue Tape • Medium tack, rubber adhesive • Residue free • Suitable for 14 day clean removal 04-0413 022-BT1180 1in x 60yds (24mm x 54.8m) Blue 04-0406 022-BT15180 1.5in x 60yds (36mm x 54.8m) Blue 04-0405 022-BT2180 2in x 60yds (48mm x 54.8m) Blue Utility Grade Duct Tape • Versatile polyethylene coated cloth tape • High tack adhesive bond • Easy tear cloth tape 13-5756 022-DUG48S 2in x 60yds (48mm x 54.8m) Silver 04-0407 022-DUG48B 2in x 60yds (48mm x 54.8m) Black AP Tape ACCESSORIES 02-34 2023 Protection Films, Tapes, Shoe Covers