2023 RV Big Book

ACCESSORIES 02-22 2023 •Made of high-quality olefin •Securely fasten to most hard surfaces •Easy to remove & reattach as needed •Available for stairs & landings in several sizes Stairs 13-1/2” x 23-1/2” 04-0452 5-0068 Sandstone 04-0430 5-0072 Butter Pecan 04-0431 5-0073 Peppercorn 04-0432 5-0070 Black Granite 04-0433 5-0071 Sierra Brown Landing 6” x 23-1/2” 04-0456 5-0088 Sandstone 04-0434 5-0092 Butter Pecan 04-0435 5-0093 Peppercorn 04-0436 5-0090 Black Granite 04-0437 5-0091 Sierra Brown Landing 8” x 23-1/2” 04-0450 5-1088 Sandstone 04-0438 5-1092 Butter Pecan 04-0439 5-1093 Peppercorn 04-0444 5-1090 Black Granite 04-0445 5-1091 Sierra Brown Landing 10” x 23-1/2” 04-0451 5-3088 Sandstone 04-0446 5-3092 Butter Pecan 04-0447 5-3093 Peppercorn 04-0448 5-3090 Black Granite 04-0449 5-3091 Sierra Brown •Made of high-quality olefin •Sized specifically for RVs •Skid-resistant backing •Finished on all edges Set includes one hall runner, one kitchen mat, one bathroom mat. 04-0453 5-0258 Sandstone 04-0454 5-0262 Butter Pecan 04-0455 5-0263 Peppercorn Features 3 remote sensors and 1 indoor display station to monitor both temperature and humidity of 4 separate zones. 24-3007 TM22250VP Indoor thermometer and hydrometer features a large, 5.25 inch diagonal display with temperature trend, clock, temperature and humidity. The display is also sound activated. 24-3002 TM22242VP Features both weather forecast and barometric pressure display with up to three remote sensors! Monitor both temperature and humidity outdoors (up to 327 feet). Also displays indoor temperature and humidity levels 24-3010 TM22253VP 4-ZONE TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY STATION INDOOR COMFORT STATION WIRELESS COLOR WEATHER STATION OUTDOOR THERMOMETERS Read outdoor temperature and humidity at a glance. Easy-to-read numbers. Clear plastic dials adhere to glass. 03-0716 WS-II Weather Station 03-0193 KT-7 Window Thermometer STEP HUGGERS ATTACHABLE RUGS 3-PIECE RV RUG SETS Seat Covers, Wireless Weather Stations, Thermometers, Rugs, Safes Digital anti-theft safe is perfect size for securing valuables and personal items in RV or camper. Features a welded steel construction, two locking door bolts and mounting hardware to secure to shelf or floor. Convenient electronic keypad allows you to select your own 3-8 digit code and emergency override key provides entry in case code is lost or forgotten. Interior light automatically turns on when safe is opened to illuminate contents. 71-7868 4003DFB Steel Safe, Digital, 0.31CF ANTI-THEFT SAFE WITH DIGITAL LOCK FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Fire Extinguishers are an important safety measure, whether at home or on the go! Meets UL STD299 and UL STD711 Commercial GradeMetal Valve ire extinguishers are a safety product. If there is a fire, call 911 and evacuate the home immediately. Keep out of the hands of children. Ideal for Multi-Purpose Coast Guard Approved GENERAL PURPOSE FIRE EXTINGUISHER UL Rated 1-A:10-B:C TRASH, WOOD, PAPER A LIQUIDS B ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT C RECREATIONAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER UL Rated 5-B:C LIQUIDS B ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT C Commercial GradeMetal Valve Coast Guard Approved GARAGE FIRE EXTINGUISHER UL Rated 10-B:C AUTOMOTIVE FIRE EXTINGUISHER UL Rated 5-B:C LIQUIDS B ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT C Compact Design Fights Small Kitchen Fires KITCHEN FIRE EXTINGUISHER UL Rated 5-B:C LIQUIDS B ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT C Commercial GradeMetal Valve Includes Automotive Mounting Bracket Rechargeable Compliance Unit Rechargeable Compliance Unit Ideal for Recreational* Use Coast Guard Approved Ideal for Garage Use Ideal for Automobile Use DOT 1 2 3 4 5 Pin Pressure Gauge Pin Pressure Gauge LIQUIDS B ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT C BRK OEM REPLACEMENT • • • Rechargeable Compliance Unit Includes Mounting Bracket US DOT Approved Includes Mounting Bracket Includes Mounting Bracket Includes Mounting Bracket CLASS A MOTORHOME SEAT COVERS GripFit design expands/contracts to fit most seats. Leather-like fabric for rich feel and long wear with padded seat and back for comfort. Front and side storage pockets with tapered arms for a better fit. Pet friendly - easy to clean with damp cloth. Fits most cockpit seats. Fire retardant - Meets FMVSS 302. 03-7021 C795 Pair 03-2101 C793 Single SEAT COVERS Center panel has a three dimensional fabric with a moisture wicking surface layer. High performance warp knit - not a laminate and not a foam, so it won’t flake or dry out. 46-0038 SVR1001BK Black 46-0045 SVR1001GY Gray 46-0041 SVR1001TN Tan