2023 RV Big Book

ACCESSORIES 02-14 2023 SODA CAN FIZZ KEEPER Preserve the original freshness and stop throwing away half full cans of soda. Restores the fizz to your canned soda. Simply place the pump on soda can top, pump and pour! 69-5484 05105 Soda Can Fizz Keeper BEVERAGE BUDDY Beverage Buddy gives you that extra power to open screw caps, pop-top cans and pull tabs. 69-5487 06042 Beverage Buddy BOTTLETOP BASTING BRUSH Screw-on basting brush instantly turns any BBQ sauce, salad dressing or marinade bottle and more into a handy basting brush. Dishwasher safe. 69-5486 06035 Basting Brush SODA BOTTLE FIZZ KEEPER Keep your bottled soft drinks from going flat with a pump cap that repressurizes! 69-5481 05002 White TOP IT CAN CAPS Keeps bees and insects out of your open soft drink. Attaches to the top of most beverage cans. 2/card. 69-5480 5000 Top It Can Caps THE FAT TRAPPER BROIL-N-BAKE PAN Compact broil-n-bake pan is ideal for broiling steaks or baking lasagna. Stick-free porcelain for easy clean-up. 69-7051 BP106X Pan Store and dispose of hot cooking grease, oil and fat neatly and quickly. This plastic canister with an airtight cover contains a disposable foil-lined bag that holds liquids up to 220ºF. Comes with 2 disposable bags. 69-7044 600-02 Fat Trapper 72-2710 65105 Repl. Bags, 5/pack OVEN MITT AND POT HOLDER NO-MOLD Holds refrigerator/freezer doors open, providing light and ventilation to help prevent molds and odors from developing while unit is not in use. Fits most double door refrigerator/freezer units. BONUS! Includes two cooler size No-Molds. 03-3531 PROD402 White 81-2220 GCOM02 Oven Mitt Camping Themed Oven Mitt And Pot Holder. TOWELS/COOKING MITT Make your adventures even more fun with these beautifully designed towels and cooking mitt. 15-2535 R4250 Home Is Where We Park It 16” x 26”, White, Happy Camper, Cotton 15-2538 R4252 Home Is Where We Park It Cooking Mitt/Pot Holder, Cotton, Single 15-2536 R4255 Happy Camper Cooking/ Grabber Mitt, Withstands Temperatures Up To 200 Degrees Fahrenheit, 7-1/2” L x 5-1/2” W, White, Cotton, Single 68-5704 R3017 I Love Camping 18” L x 28: W, Beige Color/Chambray Cotton 68-5705 R3019 Happy Camper18” L x 28: W, Beige Color/Chambray Cotton 68-5706 R4180 Home is Where You Roam 16”L x 26” W, White, Terry Cotton 68-5707 R4182 Happy Camper Cooking Mitt Fashionable camping themed Oven Mitt and Pot Holder. 100% silicone for superb grip, waterproof and flexible. The long glove ensures that your hands and forearms are protected. Featuring a flexible, non-slip diamond pattern that’s flame, steam and stain resistant. THE FISKIE FORK WHISK SILICONE SPATULAS PARING KNIVES Features a seamless, solid, one-piece design that is both flexible and durable. Safe for glass, nonstick, enamel and porcelain. One large spatula, one small spatula and one large spoon. High heat resistant to 450 degree Fahrenheit. 76-9755 2998 Spatulas, Set of 3 Quickly whisk, stir, blend or mix with this combination fork and whisk. 8-3/4” in length. 03-9969 1719 Fiskie Fork Stainless steel, ABS coated knives are color coded to reduce cross contamination. Includes snap-on covers. Green, teal, red and yellow. 72-4181 GT-3626 4 pc. Safety Knives Beverage Items, Cooking Mitts, Utensils, Towels