2023 RV Big Book

ACCESSORIES 02-12 2023 SPACE-SAVING DESIGNS FLEXIBLE CHOPPING MATS Perfect compartments for lunch at school or work! Includes leak-proof 3/4 cup container for dressings, soups, dips, and more. Features snap-in spork, modular stacking. 6.2 cups (1.47 L) capacity. BPA free. 02-3335 SNL-1023CDP Lunch To Go Extra sharp fine and ultra fine grating surfaces. Perfect for zesting citrus, grating parmesan cheese, garlic, ginger and nutmeg. Grating surfaces fold into handle for storage. Made of polypropylene, ABS and stainless steel. 03-0162 HG-1661 Steel Flip Grater Space-saving collapsible bowls are perfect for prep work, heating or storing. Expand to use or collapse to store! Set of 3 bowls with lids in 1.5 ounce, 3 cup and 5 cup capacities. Dishwasher safe. 69-9544 CB-20 Prep Bowls, Set of Three 03-1887 CB-25 Storage 3 Set Color-coded to help keep poultry, meats, veggies and seafood separate. Set of 4, 11”x15”. Polypropylene and dishwasher safe. 03-2040 PCC-404Chopping Mats “Cool-to-the-touch” 9.75” diameter microwave plates allow you to reheat food and conveniently transfer to the table. Made with shatterproof and dishwasher safe high heat polypropylene. Set of 4. 72-4174 PS-50W Microwave Plates This collapsible measuring cup set includes 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup. Simply press the colored cups to expand for use. Both standard and metric measurements are molded permanently into the handle and bottom of the cup. Features beveled edges for cutting into hard-packed ingredients as well as an oblong shape for scooping out narrow containers. Made of TPE and polypropylene. 69-9541 BA-545 Measuring Cups 93-1387 BA-540 Measuring Cups These flexible measuring spoons are ideal for scooping and leveling dry ingredients. Sticky ingredients release quickly from the flexible bottoms and the beveled edges are great for cutting into hard-packed ingredients. Set of 4 includes 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp and 1 tbsp with both standard and metric measurements permanently molded on the handle. Made of TPE and polypropylene. 69-9542 BA-555 Measuring Spoons Collapsible dish drainer holds 8 plates up to 10” in diameter. Arms extend from 16.5” to 26.75”. Collapses to 2/3 its original height for storage. Dishwasher safe. 69-6915 CDD-20GY Gray MICROWAVE PLATES LUNCH PLUS TO GO FLIP GRATER COLLAPSIBLE PREP BOWL SET 69-9544 MICROWAVE FISH & VEGGIE STEAMER Easily steam fish and vegetables. Adjustable steam control vent in lid. Non-stick surface makes cleaning quick and easy. 1 qt. (.94L) 72-4176 PS-46GY Steamer COLLAPSIBLE MEASURING CUPS FLEXIBLE MEASURING SPOONS COLLAPSIBLE DISH DRAINER SILICONE FOOD STORAGE BAGS Reuse a thousand times for lunch, snacks, freezer, microwaving, and more. Features a leak-resistant zipper seal. 00-3858 PKS-21C 3 Cup Capacity (Clear) 00-3859 PKS-21T 3 Cup Capacity (Turquoise) 00-3860 PKS-20C 1 1/2 Cup Capacity (Clear) 00-3861 PKS-20T 1 1/2 Cup Capacity (Turquoise) KITCHEN/COLLAPSIBLE COLANDER BOWL Yellow, 3.5 cup capacity, round, dishwasher safe, polypropylene plastic with snap fit base. 69-6911 CC-60CDP FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER Used to store butter, rectangular, plastic, white with clear lid, dishwasher safe. 62-1462 GBD-1 ICE CUBE TRAY 10-1/2” L x 4-1/2” W, Blue, Plastic, Set of 3. 72-2841 PLIS-4 Bowls, Containers, Drainers, Steamers, Measuring Items