2023 RV Big Book

Freestyle Racket Set This lightweight and rugged racket set is everything you need for hours of active fun in the outdoors. Easy to pack and carry. Fun for the whole family. 30-2352 | 99989 CornholeTable Set This mid-size take on classic cornhole features two game boards with foldout legs that convert into low camp tables. The family fun of cornhole, made versatile and convenient for travel! 17-3331 | 99985 Freestyle Barrel Toss Bring some friendly competition to the campsite or tailgate party as you aim for the pop-up barrel while trying to deflect your opponent’s disks. Compact and portable with quick set-up. 62-5362 | 99974 Freestyle Horseshoes All the fun, without the weight. Play indoors or out with this colorful rubber horseshoe set. It’s simple, just ring the horseshoes around the posts for points. 62-5355 | 99965 FreestyleTableTennis Turn any table anywhere into a world of fun with this expandable table tennis set. Net can attach to most tables up to 6’ wide. 62-5351 | 99959 Freestyle Soft Bocce Bocce like you’ve never seen it before.The soft bocce balls can stack and float—play indoors or out! Made of ripstop nylon and filled with polypropylene pellets. 62-5831 | 99984 Base Camp Kubb Game Also known as “Viking Chess”, this fun lawn game is where bowling meets horseshoes.Toss the wooden batons at your opponent’s men (kubbs) and then go for the king. Can be played on any terrain. 62-5349 | 99957 Backpack 5 in 1 Game Set Dim. 8.6” x 3” x 2” 62-5352 | 99960 RV Crib Board 2–4 players. Dim. 7” x 12” x 1” 62-5366 | 99995 Disc Golf Play a fun game of mini disc golf with family or friends.This travel size game is a target shooting game or a par-3 round of golf. Can be played indoors or out! Quick set-up. 62-5365 | 99978 AxeThrowing Connect with your inner lumberjack with this lightweight and compact axe throwing game.The blade of each foam axe is fitted with a“gripper” strip that sticks to the target. Suction cup and hanging loop make for easy mounting, indoors or out. 30-1986 | 99924 Shuffleboard Made of non-skid neoprene, this mini version of the popular table game is complete with all the excitementof the full-size game without the bulk. Easy glide pucks store inside attached zippered pouch. Play indoors or out. Compact and lightweight, just pack it and go! 30-1401 | 99988 ACCESSORIES 02-06 2023 Games And Gifts For Adventurers