2023 RV Big Book

ACCESSORIES 02-04 2023 MAP IT! Exercise your mind with map it! An atlas of brainy challenges. Filled with 24 seek and find puzzles, each spread features a section of a state map with layers of detail. Map legends and map keys help you locate towns, rivers, lakes, state parks, and more throughout each map. Challenge your map-reading skills as you journey from state to state. Re-discover places you’ve been and open your eyes to places you never knew existed while finding and seeking your next adventure. 71-6447 0528018248 Map It! ULTIMATE BACKSEAT BOOK This 3-in-1 book combines the best of The Kids’ Road Atlas, Are We There Yet?, and Coast-toCoast Games. It will capture kids’ interest and keep them entertained for hours. Includes road maps of all 50 states, simplified for kids. Features cities, national parks and popular attraction in six main U.S. regions. Full of crossword puzzles, dotto-dots, mazes, word scrambles, travel games, fun facts, trivia, and more. 71-6440 0528013432 Backseat Book SUPREME DOT-TO-DOT PUZZLES Intricate and challenging, dot-to-dot puzzles for adults are the newest way to tap into childhood muse, take a break from the digital world, and relax. With an average of 850 dots per illustration, the intricate puzzles challenge and engage the mind and help promote concentration skills. More than 30 world famous sites, landmarks, monuments and statues. 71-6442 0528016059 Puzzles BEAUTIFUL CITIES COLORING BOOK Includes more than 60 of the world’s greatest metropolises, from Buenos Aires to Paris to Marrakesh. The sophisticated, ready-to-color illustrations include lively street scenes, whimsical maps, culture-inspired patterns, and architectural icons that will nurture meditative coloring on a creative journey around the globe. A great way to unleash creativity, reduce stress, and escape from the digital world. 71-6441 0528016016 Beautiful Cities KIDS’ ROAD ATLAS A great first atlas to introduce kids to the ways of the road! Each state features a simplified road map, state facts, and a fun state-related activity. This colorful, fun-filled book is perfect for capturing kids’ interest and keeping them entertained the whole way. Real road maps of all 50 states, simplified for kids. Great travel games. State-by-state puzzles. State birds, flowers, trees, and capitals. Answer key is included in the back of the book. 71-6439 0528013416 Kids Atlas ARE WE THERE YET? This book will keep kids entertained for hours. Decoding puzzles, dot-to-dot mazes, car bingo, crossword puzzles, word scrambles and much, much more! 71-6438 0528013408 Are We There Yet? Atlas And Activity Books