2023 RV Big Book

GRIDDLE N STOW Features a swinging steel arm and platform that attaches to a 4” square bumper. The platform has pre-drilled holes that accommodate a 17” or 22” griddles. In addition to offering a secure operating station to griddle outside. It has a steel flange that prevents the arm from sliding back and hitting the coach. It also has a locking pin that secures the arm to the coach. 55-5470 20202 Griddle N Stow 06-1143 LPHOSEKIT LP Hose 69-5113 LPFQDFITFV Valve BUMPER ARM GRILL ASSEMBLY/TABLE Grill in tight parking areas like tailgating or stadium events! “U” shaped brackets on a 4” bumper attach securely to your RV. Includes locking pin for transport. Grill can move 25” from coach to keep heat, grease, and mess away from your RV. 14-gauge black steel bumper grill arm assembly for use with grills that use a slot and bracket arms for grill support. Meets RVIA specifications. 06-0543 52321 Grill Arm Assembly 06-7879 63432 Bumper Arm Grill Table GAS GRILLS ACCESSORIES FOR ANY BUDGET! PORTABLE GAS GRILLS • Stainless steel grilling surfaces • Locking top • Drip tray & thermometer • Portable stand • Works with disposable propane bottles, a portable tank, or your RV’s propane supply • All models stand 22” tall • CSA approved and UL listed for use within North America DELUXE GAS GRILLS 06-0716 52301 Black Grill w/Adapter* 06-0717 52302 Stainless Grill w/Adapter* STANDARD GAS GRILLS 06-0029 51307 Black Grill 06-0027 51322 Black Grill w/Adapter* * For use with disposable LP bottles CAMP CUISINE PORTABLE KITCHEN Set up your outdoor kitchen where you want it. • Aluminum top panel • Wind deflector for your camp stove • Three shelves • Zipper doors 03-0329 49583 Portable Kitchen Enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. OUTDOOR LIVING Portable Gas Grills, Portable Kitchen 2023 01-28