2023 RV Big Book

LED ROPE LIGHTS/TRAK LED lighting ropes for indoor or outdoor use. Rope Light Trak holds rope lights in one track and awning drapes or other hanging accessories. Contains six - 3’ sections and holds 3/8” or 1/2” rope lights. 01-0962 A30-0600 Rope Light Trak 18-2041 A30-0650 18' Rope Lights, Clear 18-2042 A30-0675 18' Rope Lights, Color Made with 50 decorative LED lights with 25ft. cord. Sun charges lights by day and they automatically turn ON at night. 82-0081 JB7839WHI White SOLAR STRING LIGHTS RV TWIN TRAK Creates two awning accessory tracks, doubling your awning hanging space. Slide into the original track and leave your awning drape attached. Comes in six - 3’ sections. 01-0958 A30-0500 RV Twin Trak PATIO LIGHTS 20 LEDs in colorful 3” diameter globes are spaced 12” apart. LEDs save money and last longer. 22’L cord. UL approved 110V power supply. Optional 12V adapter (18-2116) allows for use on 12V. 18-2115 12-9008 LED Patio Globe Lights 18-2116 12-9098 12V Adapter REVOLUTION COLOR CHANGING LED LIGHTS Kit is customizable, 16’L, 2” thick LED rope can be cut every 2” to desired length. Remote can program the light to change color, dim, fade, strobe, and more. Includes red, industrial strength 3M tape. 18-1937 016-SL5100 16'L LED Light 18-1477 016-SL5001 Connector Kit 18-1479 016-SL5002 LED Strip Light Music Box 18-1561 016-SL5004 110VAC Adapter 18-1560 016-SL5003 RGB Controller 18-1562 016-CRC2025 Controller Battery COLLAPSIBLE UTILITY CONTAINER TRASH CAN Expands to 24” high and collapses to 2” high. Polyethylene container has a spiral rib support wall for added strength. Includes 1 plastic peg and storage bag. Holds 33 gallon leaf and lawn bags. 72-6225 45640 Utility Container Lightweight and handy trash can to have around the campsite. Springloaded trash can is simple to use, just unzip the storage lid and the spring loaded container automatically expands to its full size of 24” high. When you’re finished using it, simply push it down flat, and secure the nylon ties on the sides. 03-1912 1219 Trash Can ® POP-UP TRASH CAN UNIVERSAL FLAG KIT 03-1084 TRASHBLA Trash Can Versatile flag mounts on your RV awning or ladder. Includes a 9’ aluminum pole, 2’ x 3’ U.S. flag, gold ball top and mounting hardware. For parked use only. Flag can be raised and lowered from ground level on most RVs. Easy assembly and disassembly. 69-8291 PROD104 Universal Flag Kit 03-2110 1715 Pop-Up Recycle Bin RECYCLE BIN 2-in-1 bin offers dual compartments all in one smart integrated solution. One side for trash while the other for easy disposal of recyclables. Keeping trash and recyclables neatly sorted and concealed just like you do at home but now also at the campground, park or at the beach. 81-2219 GCTB01 Collapsible Bin 2-IN-1 COLLAPSIBLE BIN ELECTRONIC INSECT TRAP Insect trap emits UV light and titanium dioxide to mimic human scent and attract insects. Vacuum suction kills mosquitoes, flies, wasps and more. Pesticide and odor free. 69-5465 JB5452 Electronic Insect Trap Pops up to use, collapses to store. Attaches securely to floor. 8” tall x 6-1/2” diameter. Black. This large and durable recycle bin folds small for easy storage, making it great for the campsite. Spring steel container pops up and holds its shape. Zippered lid. 19” x 24” OUTDOOR LIVING Patio Lights, Rope Lights and Tracks, Pest Repellent, Utility Containers 2023 01-22