2023 RV Big Book

DISPOSABLE GAS LIGHTER Piezo electric activated, butane fueled lighter. Adjustable flame with on-off switch and visible fuel supply. Child resistant mechanism. 03-1937 9316 Lighter FIRE STICKS CAMP STOVE TOASTER TABLECLOTH CLAMPS Starts barbeques, campfires and fireplaces. Nontoxic. They’ll light even after being submerged in water. 03-0049 7940 Fire Sticks, 12/bag Now you can have toast the way you like it, on your outdoor grill. Toasts 4 slices. Rust resistant metal. 9” diameter. 03-0353 504D Camp Stove Toaster Plastic and steel clamps hold tablecloth firmly and fits most tables. 03-0566 9211 Plastic Clamps, 4/pack 03-0574 527 Steel Clamps, 6/pack ABS TENT PEGS TOASTER FORKS Waterproofs sewn seams on nylon and other synthetic outdoor fabrics. Colorless, flexible, and washable. 13-1546 9695 Seam Seal, 2 oz. 9” ABS plastic tent pegs with a no slip hook are bright and easily seen. 03-1935 9309 9” Tent Pegs, 6/card 03-0037 9312 12” Yellow, 6/card Pack of four - 20” chromed wire toaster forks. 03-1930 8975 4pk. Toaster Forks This compact tool is the size of a pocket knife and includes 15 different tools: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdrivers (large, medium, small), file, bottle opener, can opener, fish hook remover, fish scaler, and an inch scale. 10-9984 2000025214 Multi-Tool Logs are made entirely of aromatic sawdust, shavings and wood chips, compressed and extruded into a convenient size. They are easy to start, burn efficiently, and won’t spit of spark. A natural alternative to pre-packaged manufactured logs, Green Mountain logs are the cleanest, most efficient, and advanced firewood on earth. 39-2379 GMFW8PACK 8/pk MULTI-TOOL FIREWOOD LOGS & STARTER Vinyl tablecloth wipes clean in an instant! 52” x 72”. 03-0573 7920 Vinyl Tablecloth PICNIC TABLE SET VINYL TABLECLOTH Includes a vinyl tablecloth (54” x 84”) and matching bench covers (18” x 84”). 03-0572 9155 Picnic Table Set Heavy-duty 10” plated steel nail pegs are excellent for stony or hard packed ground. 03-0004 8310 Nail Pegs, 2/card NAIL PEGS ABS TENT PEGS 9” ABS plastic tent stake is bright and easily seen. 03-0522 9497 9” Tent Stake SEAM SEAL OUTDOOR LIVING Camping Accessories 2023 01-14